Conciliator is an

AI-first Cloud solution

Conciliator features Artificial Intelligence based algorithms that are chained and packaged in a SaaS easy to use plateform

Deep learning to read unstructured documents

We've developed a unique technology based on semantic analysis and deep machine learning that automatically recognizes and tags each element in the enterprise data and documents according to its data type. Typically Conciliator can read at the line level supplier's invoices automatically with an unreached performance without the use of cumbersome templates or manual works.

Machine learning to automate the classification of line items

We use supervised Machine Learning in-order-to train Conciliator and teach him business specific rules. For example, Conciliator can be trained by buyers to perform a 100% accurate, quick and low cost classification of the enterprise's spend. Conciliator leverages also Machine Learning to automate decisions or actions.

Advanced rule engine and data science for predictive analytics

Conciliator uses other supervised or non supervised data science algorithms such as clustering or Random Forest to provide a better accuracy. 

For example, Conciliator can automatically match items like invoice lines or product from different ERP..

Conciliator also embeds a real-time business patented rule engine that has been designed to run in real-time business rules on a dozens of millions of entities from different sources.

A best-of-breed Cloud Platform 

integrated in the Enterprise environment

Conciliator leverages the best of cloud computing in order to integrate the enterprise data, systems and process in a non-intrusive, seamless and secured way.

Cloud solution

Cloud based 

to centralise the data and the processes through the whole organisation and to mutualise the algorithm training sets.

Secured solution


to preserve data integrity, ensure proper protection of data and to be compliant with the enterprise's privacy policies.

Open and flexible integration

Flexible and open 

to ingest any data and to connect seamlessly to the enterprise legacy systems.

Automated actions and predicitive analytics


enriched with Dashboards and BI to monitor automation and access powerful predictive analytics.