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Vodafone spends around one billion euros annually on leased lines in Germany but the systems and processes for managing this spend were cumbersome and could not keep pace with changes in usage. Investment in cost optimisation automation from Conciliator™ is giving the business smart Big Data analytics to stop paying for unused leased lines and thus yield major savings for Vodafone Germany.


Engie is a global energy group that is focused on helping countries and organizations to achieve energy transition. This involves developing and deploying new technologies and innovative practices including energy efficiency, diversification and renewables to reduce the impact of energy production, while meeting the energy needs of fast growing populations worldwide.


As a top consulting practice in business performance improvement, Ayming naturally is interested in how it can boost its own performance for clients. Conciliator™ is now helping the firm’s consultants achieve significant savings and productivity gains, enabling Ayming to explore how digital tools can change how it works. 

Conciliator™ helps Fortune 500 companies to increase their efficiency thanks to automation and Artificial Intelligence